Building familiarity ahead of the big close

Unless you are selling a commodity or an impulse purchase, few customers buy on their first contact with you.

A typical customer will need at least 6 contacts with your brand before they feel comfortable transacting with you, and yet too often we “let them get away” after the first contact.

Our email sequences are designed to create familiarity, trust and confidence in your brand before your sales team move in for the close.

  • Consultation on the typical sales sequence your customers go through.
  • Research into the common questions, objections and criteria that prospects have when they buy your product.
  • Copywriting of a series of up to 5 emails to tackle these objections, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust & familiarity with your brand.
  • Set up the series in your preferred email marketing tool, or suggest alternatives if your software does not support this feature.
  • (Creation of a basic text-based email template can be added at minimal cost if necessary)

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