Because you don't buy profitable traffic, you make traffic profitable.

Most lead generation campaigns focus on traffic, traffic and more traffic, and when they struggle, the traffic gets the blame.

But what turns traffic into profitable traffic is the follow-up.

Landing pages, email copy, how the product is pitched to the prospect, and what opportunities for upsells are can all turn a marginal, or loss-making campaign into a wildly profitable one…or vice versa.

  • Mystery Shopper view of your sales & marketing funnel from first contact through to purchase
  • Benchmark analysis of your traffic, conversion, sales and retention metrics
  • Opportunity map for improvements across the whole funnel including:
    • Overall proposition
    • Funnel structure and flow
    • Prospect targeting & retargeting opportunities
    • Design & copy review of individual elements
  • Define KPI’s to measure future funnel improvements

The project deliverables will be given in a suitable format to directly brief your copywriting, design or development partners on the recommended changes.

Fixed Price Project – £1,575

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