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How to use bonuses in your online course sales

Most online course marketers recommend using bonuses to push up the financial value of your product. But there's a strategy behind using bonuses that can multiply your sales without needing to create any extra content.

Buyers are your hottest prospects. How to keep them that way.

If there are two big opportunities to sell that most businesses miss, one of them is after you’ve just got a result for them. We know that. Most businesses forget to close the loop and move customers back into the sales loop. Maybe they don’t have a follow-on product to solve whatever the next problem […]

Discover competition, demand and revenues for your online course, before you create it.

The biggest reason for failure I see with people launching online courses is that they hit the wrong point on what economists call “supply & demand”. The ideal place to be is lots of demand, but little supply – making you the only viable option for your prospects. It’s a hard place to find, but […]

Fixing Thinkific’s Facebook Conversion Pixel

If you're using Thinkific to track your Facebook ad spend then you need to read this. I've reached a level now where we are doing 2 things that let Facebook optimise our campaigns using it's own data – it's what everyone selling online should be aiming for. Targeting an audience which is a lookalike of […]

The worst headline in the world

The great David Ogilvy once wrote: “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” i.e. 80% of your effort in a sales letter should go into the headline. It's like the subject line in an email. If you don't capture your prospect's interest there, you have no hope […]

Udemy releases insights tool to help course creators predict competition & demand.

Discover demand, competition, and typical earnings for your video course - before you create it.

What Happened to Visibly Better?

If you've been anywhere near our website recently you'll have noticed a change to Visibly Better Marketing. It's not there any more. Back in 2013 when the business started, Visibly Better stood for two things: Getting Better Visibility for our clients online More transparency in the results we get. Less “likes” and “engagement” and more […]